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In their journey from MPLS to full internet, this company was looking for the right partner to achieve a seamless global procurement across all their locations, improving its global network infrastructure and setting the company for further growth.


By moving away from a carrier and partnering with Globalinternet, they were able to benefit from our flexible and vendor-agnostic approach for sourcing local internet services, optimising costs and increasing the stability of their network environment.

As an innovative leader in radiation oncology, the company is continuously striving to provide the most secure IT solutions and to be at the forefront of new technology. This is no exception when it comes to optimising their enterprise network worldwide.

Step by step: from MPLS to Internet

An early adopter of internet-based networks, they first engaged with Globalinternet in 2014 as they were looking to transition away from their MPLS-based connectivity for their back-up services.

Driven by the success of this first implementation and Globalinternet’s ability to source available internet transport services locally, which resulted in cost optimisation and increased stability with multiple connections per site, the customer decided to continue their journey towards a full internet-based solution. This was completed in 2018, supporting the basis for their global deployment of SD-WAN.

Future-proofing their networks with SD-WAN + Internet Connectivity

With the rising use of cloud applications and in line with the customer's ambition to continuously optimise their WAN to ensure high-quality user experience, Globalinternet was able to identify the right partners to deliver managed internet services to transform the customer’s traditional WAN network.

In close partnership with Videns IT, we provided the best internet services that further enforced network stability that is crucial for their SD-WAN. In return, the customer's team was able to quickly and securely integrate our services and to build out and start utilising various cloud services.

And the journey continues…

Having the ability to improve further their core network for deployments of new applications and cloud services has helped our customer to be better positioned for future growth.

Thanks to Globalinternet’s complete turn-key last mile deployments, this leading company has also been able to reduce deployments’ times by 50 percent on average compared to MPLS, while increasing availability through multiple connections per site and traversing diverse routes. But the journey is not over. While we continue to build on our partnership, our focus is working together on further optimisations – both on the quality of our services and overall costs.

About the Customer

A pioneer and leader in precision radiation medicine, developing solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders.