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A message to our customers.

Dear customer,

These are difficult times and are likely to get more difficult ahead.

We at Globalinternet wish you all the best through this period and are ready to stand alongside to help you support your customers and your employees.

Working from home – with a smile.

We are strongly supporting and enabling our own employees as that is the best way we can be ready to help you.

All our employees around the world were already equipped to work from home and last week we took a pre-emptive step asking them to start doing so. As you can imagine, we’ve welcomed new members to the team, with cats, dogs and kids making guest appearances in our video meetings.

Our motto is ‘with a smile’ and we are doing everything we can to make sure our people stay connected and productive while also having some fun at (home) work. Goes without saying, everybody is instructed to follow the advice from their local health authorities, and at this moment, we are happy to inform you that Globalinternet is fully operational.

The business impact.

If we look outside the business, we have built some experience from recent weeks and months. In China and Italy, it’s not surprising things have been and remain tough - but we are now also seeing a reduced ability from our local partners to respond closer to home across Europe.

The good news is that we now see some positive movement in China, and we have been able to get some services delivered that were earlier put on hold.

Still, this situation will remain challenging for some months – and the reality is that some incidents will happen during that timeframe:

  • For your (now many) homeworkers, their broadband is likely to perform pretty well most of the time – but consumer level break-fix service wrap can leave a period of days before fix – even at the best of times. We advise you to have some ideas and contingencies for this.
  • For your factories and offices that remain open, it’s likely you have an internet or MPLS connection that is either resilient or has a rapid break-fix SLA. But these are not “normal” times. So again, please anticipate and plan.
  • Regarding the delivery of new services, please expect these to take longer than usual. This is due to health checks, travel or mobility restrictions or the availability of field engineers.

We’re here to help.

Globalinternet has recently added a mobile backup/rapid deployment solution to our portfolio and we’ve ordered in a stock of our global capable 4G eSIMs & WiFi routers. These are ready for temporary deployment to keep our own employees up and running, and we are also making them available to you – either on an emergency basis or we can help you build your own contingency solution.

Please reach out if there is anything we can do to help. We’ll stay in touch through this.


Kees Bos
CEO | Globalinternet