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WAN Manager Podcast #3 – Going to the Source.

This podcast is done in collaboration with TeleGeography as part of their WAN Manager Podcast series, hosted by Greg Bryan.

WAN Manager Podcast #3 – Going to the Source

Are you adding internet as part of a hybrid MPLS solution? Or adding a second line for SD-WAN or local breakouts for SaaS applications? Ditching MPLS altogether?

The growing trend of moving towards Internet-based network is on a roll. To help businesses navigate their way into this new world, Mike Lloyd, Chief Portfolio Officer at Globalinternet, had the chance to meet Greg Bryan, Senior Manager at TeleGeography and host of the WAN Manager Podcast.

In this new episode “Going to the Source”, Mike and Greg discuss:

  • What’s so different about internet in contrast to MPLS?
  • What are the biggest challenges in internet sourcing and most efficient solutions to overcome these?
  • When it comes to sourcing local internet access, which countries or regions are the most challenging? Should you always choose a Tier-1 ISP?
  • How should WAN Managers support post-COVID-19’s new normal?
  • And much more!
Video Pod Card Mike Lloyd
Video Pod Card Mike Lloyd

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