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The Fastest Internet on Earth? Challenge Accepted.

More than ever, transportation needs to be constantly connected with the outside world – for both comfort and safety. Take cars for example. The position is calculated using satellites, music is provided through radio waves and the internet is accessed via mobile networks.

So, when a new mode of transportation is created, such as the Hyperloop whereby a pod levitates and travels through near-vacuum at speeds of 1000 km/h, the importance of an effective communication system can’t be overlooked.

Globalinternet goes fast.

As with any other vehicle, the Hyperloop pod requires a constant connection to infrastructure, internet and control centres. For this reason, we are excited to have partnered with the Hyperloop team at TU Delft to support them in the research and design of this communication system.

During the process, both parties sat together to combine their findings into the requirements and existing challenges. The next step in the collaboration was a brainstorm session to come up with different solutions. By bundling the knowledge of Globalinternet and Delft Hyperloop, a concept design for the Hyperloop communication system has been proposed and presented in this article.

We thank the Hyperloop Delft team for this opportunity, and we look back at a very pleasant collaboration with even more exciting results to come! Watch this space and the Delft Hyperloopto learn how we are getting the fastest internet on earth!

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