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Understanding Internet for SD-WAN & Cloud

A white paper by Globalinternet

The best performing and best value enterprise network solution in 2020 is a combination of Internet + SD-WAN + Cloud - which isn't to say that achieving the desired outcomes is straightforward or that any combination or deployment of these will be a success.

In this white paper, we discuss the critical role of the internet underlay, how to understand the options available, and how to make great choices that reflect and respond to your business needs.

Understanding Internet for SD WAN and Cloud


  • Understanding the role of the internet underlay.
  • Service availability, latency & packet loss, bandwidth... knowing what can go wrong to get it right.
  • Broadband or DIA? Understanding & making good internet access selections.
  • What and why on-net cloud connections matter.
  • Access resilience: what is it and how to achieve it.
  • Location, location: understanding the variability of internet services across the planet.