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Globalinternet Update: Covid-19.

A message to our customers.

Dear customers,

We've reached the second half of the year and the global pandemic that hit our world five months ago is far from gone.

While some countries are beginning to open up after weeks and months of lockdowns, others are starting to close – some for the first time and some others are suffering from renewed Covid-19 outbreaks, causing new lockdowns in countries where businesses and everyday-life had re-commenced as “normal”.

As your global provider for internet access, we are responsible for the health and safety of our employees and of our providers, as well as for the timely delivery and support of your business connectivity. Our team around the world continues to follow the advice from their local governments, and either working from home or, sometimes, from the office in Amsterdam, we remain committed to offering quality customer service to you.

We, however, expect that deployment times will be affected due to changing local regulations. Central East Asia, India, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Bangladesh are some of the countries going back to strict lockdowns. We are monitoring each of these countries and are in close contact with our providers around the globe to understand their specific situations. This will enable us to inform you accordingly and timely in case of any issue, delay, or improvement.

Please reach out to your contact within Globalinternet if you have any question about a specific country or region. Just like we said at the beginning: we are ready to stand alongside to help you support your customers and your employees through this period. Stay safe.

With a smile,

Kees Bos
CEO | Globalinternet

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