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When considering the move to a global SD-WAN/SASE solution, the design of the internet underlay often stays as an afterthought. Nevertheless, choosing the right internet service – with the right support SLA – is key for the successful transformation of your customers’ network. Doing this globally can be a challenge.


The partnership of Videns and Globalinternet brings a powerful offering to the market – complementing strengths in where Videns delivers leading SD-WAN/SASE solutions, while Globalinternet provides internet connectivity worldwide and unique expertise in the local markets. The companies have aligned processes and tools to offer global IT organizations a turnkey solution for flexible and cost-effective cloud-enabled WAN services.

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The increasing demand for bandwidth and growing use of cloud applications are driving businesses to look for a more flexible and cost-effective solution, hence the rise in adoption of software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN). And hand-in-hand with SD-WAN comes the need for an internet underlay.

So, when Videns IT Services, a network independent service provider delivering fully managed SD-WAN and SASE services worldwide, was looking for an internet partner to deliver a full network solution for its global customers, Globalinternet fell right into place.

Especially as our customers were used to deal with one MPLS supplier, we wanted to provide that same simplicity for them: offering one contract, one point of purchasing and one support contact, instead of having to deal with multiple vendors and ISPs.”

- Rob de Vuijst, Operations Director at Videns IT Services

Globalinternet + Videns: complementary strengths for a successful WAN transformation.

Although the combination of internet and SD-WAN is an obvious choice, the way this partnership was founded, based on synergies and seamless processes, is what has helped them stand out from the beginning.

Both Globalinternet and Videns knew about the importance of having our processes aligned” – says Rob, “from selection, contracting and the delivery of our services, to support and billing, the customer must feel they are dealing with one party. During the whole lifecycle of the contract with the customer, we interact with Globalinternet, and we see the benefits of that relationship on happy customers – which at the end is all what matters.”

1. Service Design & Contracting

When it comes to internet, customers are often faced with a wider set of options – much of these new to them, especially when coming from an MPLS world. “Alongside the sales process, customer requirements tend to change: number of branches shift, technical requirements shift… having a flexible partner that can deal with changing requirements while bringing expertise from an underlay perspective is key.” – says Rob.

On the other hand, Videns brings the know-how and skills from years of managing SD-WAN implementations. This combination brings immense value to our customers up from the start of the project.

Having a flexible partner that can deal with changing requirements while bringing expertise from an underlay perspective is key.”

- Rob de Vuijst, Operations Director at Videns IT Services

2. Global delivery

In the delivery of a global internet/SASE solution, coordination matters.

To ensure this is done seamlessly, Videns teams up with Globalinternet to match the delivery of the circuits with the delivery of the SD-WAN devices and the migration of the site from MPLS. All these moving parts are put to careful planning and managed end-to-end by a global project manager. The result: a smooth transition and rollout, and no cost implications for the customer (for example for having their MPLS running longer than needed).

3. Single support

Once the SD-WAN is up and running, customers do not need to analyze whether an incident comes from the underlay or the SD-WAN technology.

Globalinternet and Videns have aligned their processes and systems to provide 1st level network support from one single, 24/7 service desk. Through a triage process, the ticket will be assigned and solved by the responsible party and reported back to the customer from that same single point.

A strategic partner for the long run – Why Globalinternet?

Choosing Globalinternet as an underlay partner has proven to be a successful proposition for Videns – this is also shown in the numbers in where around 75% of Videns’ newly signed global customers are served in combination with Globalinternet’s underlay services.

Among the reasons of this success, we can name:

  • Customer first & win-win mentality - putting the customers’ requirements and needs at the driving seat.
  • Flexibility - to the customers’ changing requirements, and on the way of doing business.
  • Going the “Extra mile” - Globalinternet has been quick in adapting their services to support legacy contracts to make it work for both Videns and their customers.
  • Global reach - Videns customers, although mainly based in the Benelux or Europe, have often global presence, with multiple branches, offices or sites that need local internet access for their SD-WAN.

We’ve never met a country in which our customers are based, where Globalinternet hasn’t been able to serve. That’s the perfect match for us”.

- Rob de Vuijst, Operations Director at Videns IT Services

For the long term, both Globlinternet and Videns expect to continue shaping this partnership to deliver a better service and growing their joint business.

Gartner predicts that by 2024, 60% of enterprises will have implemented SD-WAN, up from less than 20% today. Together, these companies are ready to share a piece of this pie.

About the Customer

Founded in 2012, Videns IT Services is a network-independent service provider, delivering fully managed SD-WAN services to customers worldwide. Currently, they support over 40 international customers, managing 3.000+ sites in more than 60 countries.