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The nature of their business brings continuous expansion – new customer sites, new business hubs and growing campuses around the world. That, in combination with an increasing trend for SaaS application use, it was necessary to transition towards a more predominate internet-based WAN solution without having to invest heavily on internal costs and efforts to achieve this goal.


Since engaging with Globalinternet, the customer has benefitted from competitive pricing, a centrally managed solution globally, contract flexibility, enhanced support, and broad diversity options for a comprehensive local internet solution to best support their SD-WAN needs.

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While cloud-based applications are driving the adoption of SD-WAN, financial companies, responsible for consumer and commercial payments, and their networks need to consistently be at the forefront of this digital acceleration - sometimes at a global scale. In order to offer the best services and benefits to their customers and their employees, our customer's wide-area-network (WAN) strategy required a partner who could offer them the most robust last-mile internet access offerings available to all of their global sites in their new hybrid network transport design.

Datacenters, Call Centers, Campus sites – we connect them all.

Even with a deep supplier pool and extensive networking team in place, this leading financial services company has already seen the benefits of working with Globalinternet over the last 2 years, namely:

  • Overall cost savings in expanding their internet footprint internationally, relative to their legacy MPLS.
  • Transparency and accuracy in local internet access offerings to make the right informed decisions on the exact availability of last mile suppliers, both on-net and near-net to their buildings.
  • Strong local market knowledge, required to avoid points of failure in network design and routing, especially for mission-critical sites in the financial sector.
  • Full network diversity, reliability, and operational accountability, ensured by Globalinternet, for their global SD-WAN network.

“With 75% of sites now connected, Globalinternet has proven to be the partner of choice to centrally manage the customer's internet access services worldwide through selection, implementation, billing, and support.”

Business-class connectivity in airport lounges around the world.

Customer experience and added benefits are key to our customers’ vision and business model, these benefits include access to airport lounges. Globalinternet's role in supporting the underlying connectivity to those lounges has been key.

Deploying services at international airports is not an easy task, especially in the context of ensuring full network diversity, which has been crucial to their SD-WAN network deployment. Many airports are still controlled by legacy incumbent operators, and local coordination is necessary to arrange access, determine points of entry to use, arrange fiber cabling extensions to the final destinations within terminals, and finalize testing thereafter.

“Globalinternet has simplified the management of this complexity, to enable our customer to enhance their clients' overall experience.”

Unlimited Flexibility.

Globalinternet’s flexibility has allowed for turn-key integration into our customer’s networking team and way of working, which offers unique advantages in their SD-WAN migration, including:

  • Contract Flexibility / Portability – ensuring transparency and ease with moves and changes that are required locally within contract.
  • After Hours / Weekend Support – Onsite Installation/Dispatch support outside of business hours as required per location and business needs.
  • Enhanced Migration Support – We will be there onsite and remotely to support final turnups.
  • Construction Management (New Fiber) – Identifying and managing delivery of new fiber into buildings.
  • Diversity Overview – All options on the table for decision for any given site.
  • Premium DIA China – optimised international IP performance from mainland China.
  • Emerging Market Analysis – understanding the real-world internet landscape for potential future market expansion and deployment.

Working with a like-minded partner.

For a company whose mission is to be at the forefront of customer experiences, it was important to offer more than just the sourcing of global internet access.

With Globalinternet, this customer has found a like-minded, strategic partner that understands their business and align seamlessly with their brand and way of working. Orchestrating the underlay connectivity and, at the same time, adapting with them as they continue to expand into new business lines and ways of interacting with their employees, consumer customers, and merchants.

About the Customer

A leading financial company providing customers with transactional payment solutions, products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.