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We speak your local currency.

Collecting, verifying and paying global invoices from multiple local ISPs with different currencies and payment terms can be complex and time-consuming. We are there to provide you with control and ease.

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Simplify your administration.

At Globalinternet, we understand the complexity of dealing with local VAT regulations, different currencies, and multiple invoices. This is why we'll do this for you.

We are aware of a special telecommunications tax in Turkey, and how to ensure there is no VAT applied in South Africa. We are also able to meet local demands and regulations – because global internet is what we do.

Pom Burie
Pom Burie
We consolidate and manage all invoices from the multiple local suppliers so you can focus on your business".

You’re welcome, CFO.

  • Simple: All your global services in one single, detailed invoice.
  • Adaptable: To your payment terms and the currency of your choice.
  • Cost-effective: Best-practice model for international billing.
  • Increased control: Access to all your invoices from our GINius platform.