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Globalinternet offers enterprises and partners a full range of services necessary for the selection, deployment and lifecycle of the internet underlay for their SD-WAN and Cloud solutions.

Moreover, we offer bespoke solutions to assure maximum performance of your SD-WAN architecture, as well as ‘Support as a Service’ options to MSPs, with 24/7 monitoring and support for their customers' SD-WAN and internet access.

In his 2017 presentation, Head of Network Architecture Michael Becerra (DHL) explained that implementing a hybrid WAN infrastructure with SD-WAN-supported internet breakouts would allow them to dramatically increase capacity at lower costs."

- Source: TeleGeography Blog

Why Internet + SD-WAN?

As they transition to a 'cloud-first' technology strategy, enterprises continue to realise the relevance of adopting SD-WAN to succeed and with that, the importance of having the right underlay to support it.

Research shows that enterprises are increasingly taking a leap into all-internet WANs for their SD-WAN. The reasons: increased bandwidth, better performance, faster installation, improved network control, and all this at a much lower cost.

SD-WAN Scoping - Matrix

The table below provides a best-practice approach for sizing sites based on number of users. This reference can help companies with finding the right connectivity service for their SD-WAN overlay.

SD WAN Scoping Videns IT
SD WAN Scoping Videns IT

Why Globalinternet?

At Globalinternet, we pride ourselves in being vendor-agnostic. In practice, this means we’ll work with the partner and technology of your choice for your SD-WAN, while sourcing the internet products that best meet your business requirements. By choosing Globalinternet for your local internet access, you will get:

  • One-stop-shop for sourcing, deploying and managing local internet access - anywhere in the planet.
  • Around-the-clock support for your SD-WAN and internet services.
  • A selection of over 9,000 internet services, from our more than 1,400 ISPs in more than 190 countries.
  • A project manager to oversee your entire deployment.
  • A vendor-agnostic approach: selecting the vendors, technologies and services that best match your business.

Our Expertise

When it comes to SD-WAN, we work with the best available technologies, and market-leading implementation partners - at both local and global level.

Understanding internet for SD-WAN & Cloud

The best performing and best value enterprise network solution in 2020 is a combination of Internet + SD-WAN + Cloud - which isn't to say that achieving the desired outcomes is straightforward or that any combination or deployment of these will be a success.

In this white paper, we discuss the critical role of the internet underlay, how to understand the options available, and how to make great choices that reflect and respond to your business needs.