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Globalinternet offers enterprises and partners a full range of services necessary for the selection, deployment and lifecycle of the internet underlay for their SD-WAN and Cloud solutions.

Moreover, we offer bespoke solutions to assure maximum performance of your SD-WAN architecture, as well as ‘Support as a Service’ options to MSPs, with 24/7 monitoring and support for their customers' SD-WAN and internet access.

In his 2017 presentation, Head of Network Architecture Michael Becerra (DHL) explained that implementing a hybrid WAN infrastructure with SD-WAN-supported internet breakouts would allow them to dramatically increase capacity at lower costs."

- Source: TeleGeography Blog

Why Internet + SD-WAN?

In their transition to a 'cloud-first' technology strategy, enterprises continue to realise the relevance of adopting SD-WAN to succeed and with that, the importance of having the right underlay to support it.

Research shows that enterprises are increasingly taking a leap into all-internet WANs for their SD-WAN. The reasons they mention: increased bandwidth, better performance, faster installation, improved network control, and all this at a much lower cost.

SD-WAN Scoping - Matrix

The table below provides a best-practice approach for sizing sites based on number of users. This reference can help companies with finding the right connectivity service for their SD-WAN overlay.

SD WAN Scoping Videns IT
SD WAN Scoping Videns IT

Why Globalinternet?

At Globalinternet, we pride ourselves in being vendor-agnostic. In practice, this means we’ll work with the partner and technology of your choice for your SD-WAN, while sourcing the internet products that best meet your business requirements. By choosing Globalinternet for your local internet access, you will get:

  • One-stop-shop for sourcing, deploying and managing local internet access - anywhere in the planet.
  • Around-the-clock support for your SD-WAN and internet services.
  • A selection of over 9,000 internet services, from our more than 1,400 ISPs in more than 190 countries.
  • A project manager to oversee your entire deployment.
  • A vendor-agnostic approach: selecting the vendors, technologies and services that best match your business.

Our Expertise

When it comes to SD-WAN, we work with the best available technologies, and market-leading implementation partners - at both local and global level.

Five Years of SD-WAN Migration Stories, Five Takeaways.

For anyone considering SD-WAN who wants to separate the marketing buzz from reality, hearing from peers is invaluable. In collaboration with TeleGeography, we shared this #guestpost in our blog, with a round-up of case studies the team of TeleGeography has heard over the years on SD-WAN.

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