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Globalinternet mobile solution is available worldwide to help businesses minimise downtime, guarantee service availability at critical sites and provide interim access services when required. This includes pop-up sites or to satisfy current work-from-home demands.

We are truly excited about how Globalinternet’s Mobile Solution will considerably enhance our customers’ connectivity and overall experience."

- Mike Lloyd | Chief Portfolio Officer, Globalinternet

Amsterdam, 1 April 2020.- Globalinternet, a leading provider of global internet access for enterprises, service integrators and carriers, announced today the introduction of Mobile Connectivity to its end-to-end service platform.

Globalinternet’s mobile (3/4G) solution is designed to ensure businesses have “always-on” connectivity, worldwide. Primary cases include backup and failover to guarantee service availability at critical sites, as well as interim access services, which may be required to mitigate migration risks, delivery delays, or to support pop-up and temporary deployments, including home offices.

“We are truly excited about how Globalinternet’s Mobile Solution will considerably enhance our customers’ connectivity and overall experience,” said Mike Lloyd, Chief Portfolio Officer at Globalinternet. “With a standard internet access service and automatic failover to a mobile solution, your downtime should be reduced to being, statistically, insignificant. Moreover, customers needing quick or temporary deployments, like we see often with retail customers or more recently, with the recent demand of home workers, enterprises can take advantage of the agility and flexibility of mobile.”

Since 2012, Globalinternet has been helping businesses with solving the complexity of sourcing, deploying and managing local internet access, worldwide. In the past months, the company has partnered with leading technology vendors, Simfony and, to enable the design of this turnkey solution, fully integrated to Globalinternet’s service platform, meaning it can be added into any network design, to be managed and supported across the globe.

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We partner with brilliant local Internet Service Providers and technology partners in over 190 countries to offer a best-in-class product portfolio with an unparalleled range of dedicated, broadband and mobile internet access services, coupled with around-the-clock assurance and support.

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