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By integrating the SELISE-customized API for generating quotes, Globalinternet has formed cross-corporate digital ecosystems with various vendors, including telecom giant Liberty Global, and experienced unmatched business process acceleration. This article was first published in Selise’s blog. To see the original post, click here.

Leading internet access provider Globalinternet has recently established a connection to the Wholesale unit of UPC, a subsidiary of the telecommunication giant Liberty Global. The two partners are thus following the current trend of forming digital ecosystems crossing corporate boundaries.

“With the API from UPC – which we began implementing in 2019 – we can generate a number of quotes within a very short time,” Thiago Caro, Head of Product, Provider Platform of Globalinternet appreciated while commenting on the SELISE-built API. “All the quotations of a particular company are processed using this single method.”

Currently, Globalinternet provides internet connectivity to 600 enterprises across the world, by partnering with over 1,400 local providers in more than 190 countries, and offering a single point of contact for sourcing, delivery and management of internet access. “In this process, quoting reliability is of key importance, as much as it is a challenge for Globalinternet,” Caro affirmed. “With a high daily volume of quote requests, it is impossible to rely on manual quotation, and ‘good old’ email and phone calls.”

Thiago Caro
Thiago Caro
Head of Product, Provider Platform at Globalinternet
Quoting reliability is of key importance, as much as it is a challenge for Globalinternet"

This is where the customized API, built by SELISE, comes into the picture. “With a complete data output returning a full range of available services and details, such as the corresponding SLA, IP subnet alternatives, different contract terms, the API adds great value to our automation efforts and the services we deliver to customers in Switzerland,” Caro confirmed.

SELISE originally made the API for the Wholesale Portal, a B2B portal that UPC uses to generate quotes for different kinds of internet products and services. By integrating the API, Globalinternet has removed the need for any kind of manual intervention and accelerated the business process of creating quotes. Customers can process orders and track their inventory, or log and solve their tickets, directly from the Globalinternet portal, adding efficiency to the quote-to-order process.

“The business is accelerating with APIs as you take the hurdle of manual interaction away,” Ekrem Köylüer, Vice-President of Liberty Global Wholesale Data, commented while talking about Globalinternet’s API integration. “Now, the necessary information need not be processed by an individual in the organization; the request goes directly through to the Portal and customers just need to look at the outcome.”

An API integration process is not only about configuring and mapping inputs and outputs, Globalinternet Head of Product, Provider Platform, Caro says. It must also be ensured that API results match with the products, the pricing includes all the standard attributes of the products, and that users know how to properly use the API so that they can interpret and rely on the results.

Despite the long process, an API integration can be extremely rewarding with perceived efficiency gains, both in terms of time and cost. After the customization and implementation process was completed and users were fully onboarded, Globalinternet could finally put its trust that the API quotes were as reliable as any other manually processed firm quote. By doing so, Globalinternet’s quote response time changed from days to minutes, resulting in easier comparison between several quotes and finding the best service or deal for the customer- which, in the competitive market, meant winning more orders and expanding sales.