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Globalinternet Leverages Connected2Fiber's Network Finder and API Engine Modules

NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam, May 7, 2018.- Connected2Fiber, the leading SaaS go-to-market acceleration platform for connectivity companies, announces today that Globalinternet has signed an agreement to implement their Network Finder and API Engine modules. Connected2Fiber's Network Finder module allows users to search for LECs, cable companies, on-net, near-net fiber and WISP providers by location and receive a profile of who these companies are and where they are located.

Globalinternet is a leading global Managed Internet Access service provider offering Internet connectivity to Enterprises and major Telecom companies. As one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, Globalinternet has quickly become the go-to Internet Access aggregator for customers requiring Internet connectivity globally. Their installed base covers all continents and almost all countries along with partnerships with local ISPs worldwide.

Our goal is to provide International Enterprises, Global Telecom Companies and ISPs with the easiest to use and most cost-effective way to order a truly global selection of dedicated, broadband and 4G Internet services, wherever in the world that may be."

- Thiago Caro, Regional Manager Americas at Globalinternet

We welcome Globalinternet and look forward to helping them drive participation in the markets not only in the United States, but overseas as well. Our goal is to help them unlock the location information they need to select the best partner in the market to drive growth."

- Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber

About Globalinternet

Globalinternet is a leading supplier of Managed Internet Access services offering internet connectivity worldwide.

We provide customers with a simple and easy way to source Internet Access anywhere with centralized service delivery, billing and support. We partner with local Internet Service Providers throughout the world to offer business-grade Internet connectivity at the best price for any location, wherever in the world it may be.

Our network management operations are based in Amsterdam, São Paulo and Manila where we monitor and support our customers' internet links in almost all countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Go to to find more information about our services or directly request a quote for business grade internet access.

About Connected2Fiber

Connected2Fiber empowers network operators to create, standardize, enhance and share location serviceability, accelerating leads through the funnel, and unleashing growth. Connected2Fiber's visual interface allows sales teams and B2B marketers to target the best locations with the full perspective of serviceability, demand and competitive dynamics. Seamlessly integrated with the rest of their sales and marketing technology stack, B2B marketers gain critical insights to better allocate their marketing resources and increase participation with their prospects in The Connected World. Visit Connected2Fiber on the web at or follow us on Twitter @connected2fiber.