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Videns IT Services, a network independent service provider delivering fully managed SD-WAN services worldwide, has announced that they have selected Globalinternet, a leading supplier of Internet Access services worldwide, as their preferred sourcing partner to deliver internet access to clients.

Complementing strengths is at the core of the relationship wherein Videns delivers next generation WAN services while Globalinternet leverages its leading position in providing internet connectivity worldwide. The companies have aligned processes and tools to offer global IT organizations a turnkey solution for flexible and cost effective cloud-enabled WAN services.

Videns has seen increasing demand from business for more agile and flexible network services. An important driver for this trends is digital transformation, which forces enterprises to rapidly adopt and implement new and innovative applications and cloud based services such as Office 365, AWS, Azure and Innovative technologies, and in particular Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), have emerged and enable enterprises to effectively address their WAN challenges today.

Joost van der Struijk, Managing Director at Videns comments, “We deliver high performing, end-to-end managed global SD-WAN services to our clients, including services to help clients with the procurement, provisioning and operational management of their Internet Access. Our cooperation with Globalinternet now enables our clients to source the best available local Internet Access services for virtually any location in the world via a centrally managed contract and SLA.”

Globalinternet has seen significant growth of enterprises directly requesting Internet Access for underlay connectivity to support their SD WAN access needs. This trend has enabled Globalinternet to leverage its global knowledge and capabilities around public Internet Access to help IT managers find the optimal internet connectivity at the best price available for any location wherever in the world it may be.

We make it easy for IT managers, responsible for corporate networks, to adopt modern WAN solutions. Together with Videns, we can offer customers a full solution to optimize their WAN.

- Daniel Spits - Business Development Manager at Globalinternet

About Videns IT Services

Founded in 2012, Videns IT Services is the leading network-independent service provider of managed SD-WAN solutions. Videns is the alternative for enterprises that are looking to replace their traditional telco services with flexible, cost-effective cloud-enabled WAN services. We combine deep customer knowledge with specialist SD-WAN knowhow, proactive service management and a no-nonsense approach. Videns is currently supporting over 40 international customers, managing 1.500+ sites in more than 50 countries. For more information, go to

About Globalinternet

Globalinternet is a leading aggregator of Internet Access offering business-grade internet access worldwide to Carriers and Enterprises.

We partner with local Internet Service Providers throughout the world to offer a best-in-class product portfolio with a broad range of access technologies. We provide customers with a simple and easy way to order Internet Access anywhere with managed service delivery and centralized, billing and support. Our unique capabilities enable us to deliver business-grade connectivity at the best price for any location, wherever in the world it may be.

Our network management operations are based in Amsterdam, São Paulo and Manila where we monitor and support our clients’ internet links in almost all countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Go to to find more information about our services or directly request a quote for business grade-internet access.

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  • Joost van der Struijk, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at Videns (+31) 030 767 1067
  • Daniela Muente, International Marketing Manager at Globalinternet (+31) 020 2409 121