By Mike Lloyd, VP Strategic Development Globalinternet

At the WAN Summit in London last week, I took part in a panel discussion about sourcing in an increasingly complex vendor ecosystem. We had a good debate and inevitably a few variances in opinions on some key questions faced by enterprises making decisions for their networking.

One week later, and following other discussions I’ve had in the meantime, I believe it’s worth highlighting some of the key points I helped explore, especially relevant today in our digital & cloud-driven world.

  • People are nervous about the internet.

No sh*t, you might say… But this can lead to narrow thinking and limit some key decisions, as I heard: “stick with what you know and have experience with…”, instead of starting the discussion with someone who actually understands the global internet and all its wrinkles and imperfections, someone who knows what works where and understands where the real risks are. Someone who actually has some real-world solutions that will avoid or mitigate those challenges!

  • More fear, uncertainty, and doubt about splitting supply, therefore losing consistent & consolidated SLAs.

But public cloud means you HAVE to have internet, or your applications’ performance will suffer and you will end up paying a hefty premium (internet can give 3x the bandwidth for less than half the cost, according to a Telegeography’s analysis published at the event). So if it’s a must-do (which it is) and if the internet supply market is complex (which most certainly is) – why not work with someone who will understand what you need and can match it to what is actually available? Why not get the performance you need at the right price instead of a ‘commercial’ SLA that masks or maybe dumbs down reality (for a premium)?

  • Local is best!

Yes, you need great DIA performance for key sites – but it’s about local scale, not global. The best connectivity comes from local providers who have scale within countries and can route you economically, directly and reliably, to a local cloud. And to do this, you could benefit from great people who are skilled and connected to the local internet markets.

We had some great conversations at the forum. It became obvious that the expertise and local focus we have at Globalinternet is of immense value to our customers & partners – be they enterprise, channel, vendor or carrier. On top of that, we will design, deliver, support, bill and manage the lifecycle of connectivity all within the best – and truly – ‘built for internet’ digital platform out there.

But my favourite feedback we got was from a potential customer during an hour-long ‘booth sprint’ (where we got to pitch what we do in short sharp bursts every 5 minutes):  “I enjoyed that – you guys smile and are passionate about what you do!”. Oh yes, and that we wear cool orange shoes.