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We understand that online self-service capabilities and access to real-time information is crucial for your business.

Everything you need to know in our self-service portal. It provides you with the access, insight and response times that you need to get the most out of our services. GINius is continuously enhanced to satisfy a moving market and changing customer needs.

Through GINius, Globalinternet continues to automate and streamline customer facing processes.

The key features of GINius are detailed below:

  • Order details: Real-time information on order status, and the ability to drill down into the order specifics.
  • Visibility on installed services: Live connections and their technical status, including the ability to drill down into specific details, such as IP configurations and average uptime.
  • Invoice management: View and download invoices directly from GINius.
  • Service finder: Check out a new location in our portal, find out what Globalinternet can offer at any location worldwide.
  • Order online: Order your services through our portal, no need for conference calls or emails to account managers slowing you down - you know what you want.
  • Auto budgetary quoting: Automated budgetary quoting in near real time.
  • Firm quote requests: Send generated budgetary quotes directly from GINius to be converted into firm quotes by our team.

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  • Screenshot invoice
  • View of your orders in progress
  • Find the IA in a glimpse