Access Technology
Speed down (Mb):
Speed up (Mb):
Contention Ratio:
Static IP Address:
ServiceCoverageSpeed downSpeed upContention ratioStatic IP AddressMonthly Charges
Libya SDSL 1.00Mb/1.00MbTripoli and Misurata1.00 Mb1.00 Mb1:1YesLYD 1,316.75Request Availability
Libya SDSL 2.00Mb/2.00MbTripoli and Misurata2.00 Mb2.00 Mb1:1YesLYD 1,976.56Request Availability
Libya SDSL 3.00Mb/3.00MbTripoli and Misurata3.00 Mb3.00 Mb1:1YesLYD 2,994.31Request Availability
Libya SDSL 4.00Mb/4.00MbTripoli and Misurata4.00 Mb4.00 Mb1:1YesLYD 3,555.62Request Availability
Libya SDSL 6.00Mb/6.00MbTripoli and Misurata6.00 Mb6.00 Mb1:1YesLYD 4,910.50Request Availability