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Service : BB-041381
Service NameUnited Kingdom (2100m to exchange) | DIA Copper Ethernet 12Mb/12Mb | IP: Pub./Stat. (1 IP) | New line | Term: 36 | SLA: 8 hrs 24 Hrs. 99.99%
CountryUnited Kingdom
Access TechnologyCopper Ethernet
Speed down12.00
Speed Down UnitMb
Speed Up12.00
Speed UP UnitMb
Contention ratio1:1
DATA limitNo
Coverage2100m to exchange
Coverage detailsSpeed is dependant on distance to exchange
IP Configuration
Public IP Address/30 (4)
IPV6 supportYes
NTEGateway Router
NTE DetailsMicrotik
Telephone line requiredYes
Service level
SLA LevelPlatinum
Repair Time8 hrs
On-site instalation includedYes
Install time (Weeks)12
Express Install availableYes
Express Install Time (Weeks)0
Contract Period(Months)36
Renewal term(Months)1
Notice period (Months)1
Base CurrencyGBP
Install charges423 (EUR 476)
Monthly charges241 (EUR 271)
Excess DATA charge0
Excess data charge Unit0
Pricing notesAdditional installation costs may be applicable which will be determined during the site survey after ordering the service. The service may not be available upon ordering. In such cases an alternative service will be proposed.