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Service Design

Sourcing the best suppliers and the right services, at the most competitive price for your global sites is what we do best. We know the internet better than anyone else – if it’s in the market and worth having – we’ll make it happen.

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Supplier neutral. No ties, no compromises.

Globalinternet has no stakes in, or commitments to, any local supplier.

We work with the local suppliers we choose based on quality and services - no ties, no compromises, focused on offering the best deal for our clients.

If you have a preferred supplier or a supplier you do not wish to work with, let us know.

Choosing the right access technology.

The best performing and best value enterprise network solution is a combination of Internet + SD-WAN + Cloud - which isn't to say that achieving the desired outcomes is straightforward or that any combination or deployment of these will be a success. This is where we come in.

Are you still deciding between business broadband, dedicated, or Mobile? Check out the datasheet on the link for an overview of the options available - or talk to us! Our team global internet experts will help you match your business and commercial requirements with the right access technology, available at your company sites.

Elekta's journey to full-internet-based networks.

Prior to engaging with Globalinternet, Elekta relied on MPLS to connect its global subsidiaries. In their network transformation journey, Elekta was looking for the right partner to achieve a seamless procurement across all their locations worldwide, to improve its global network infrastructure and to set the company for further growth.