Key benefits

Worldwide Internet Access Portfolio

Why waste time searching for the right local supplier when we can do that for you?

We keep track of all the latest developments in 250 countries and islands anywhere in the world. We currently have over 10,000 internet access services. And this is growing daily. Always reflecting the local situation, including realistic expected service levels.

Supplier Neutral

Globalinternet has no stakes in, or commitments to, any local supplier.

So we can work with the local suppliers we choose to work with. No ties, no compromises. And the best deal for our client.

If you have a preferred supplier or a supplier you do not wish to work with, let us know.

Centralized or decentralized billing

Globalinternet can meet your billing needs in any way you wish, including:

– One central invoice in one currency
– Cost centre or project based invoicing
– Local, decentralized invoicing in local currency

Choice of infrastructure

Local internet suppliers are best equipped to build a solid and reliable infrastructure to meet local needs.
Globalinternet’s portfolio reflects those suppliers. Selecting the best infrastructures to supply you with the most reliable and relevant internet access services.
We can offer you the services you need, no compromises. The choice is yours.

24/7 Support

Our 24/7 Support Desk provides you with the support you need to get your internet access link up and running again.
Wherever and whenever in the world this may be. Because we understand that worldwide service demands worldwide support.

Daily Pricing Updates

Our pricing is updated every day. Meaning that you always get the best deal possible for your internet access.
Whether it is a complete data centre in Sao Paulo or a single sales representative in Armenia.
Big or small, we have the internet access service you need, at the price you need.