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Most likely, your office-based employees are now working from home, and this seems to be the case for everyone in the world - and all at the same time. Consumer broadband quality, and ISPs' capability to repair and guarantee performance is out of your control and both are currently under pressure from increased use. This shouldn't add to your worries.

We are here to help you.

At Globalinternet, we have recently added a Mobile solution to our portfolio and we’ve ordered in a stock of our globally capable 3/4G eSIMs & MiFi routers.

These are ready for temporary deployment to keep our own employees up and running, and we are also making them available to you – either on an immediate emergency basis or we can help you build your own contingency solution for the future.

If you need a more substantial mobile connection, we can also deploy our branch-ready Mobile offering on a temporary basis, while stock lasts.

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Equip and enable your staff with Mobile.

  • Rapid deployment and easy installation - all you need is power and a supported mobile network to be available at your location.
  • Stay online even if the local internet connection becomes flaky or overloaded.
  • Our Roaming eSIM solution has multiple networks available per country to meet the needs of your global workforce.
  • When on 4G, you can expect typical speeds of 50Mbps down & 10Mbps up, depending on location and network load.
  • The business can take control of data costs - taking the stress away from staff currently using a personal mobile, or data-limited fixed, connection to work.